Milk / Sweet Stout

Milk / Sweet Stouts are basically stouts that have a larger amount of residual dextrins and unfermented sugars that give the brew more body and a sweetness that counters the roasted character. Milk Stouts are very similar to Sweet Stouts, but brewers add unfermentable sugars, usually lactose, to the brew kettle to add body and some sweetness.

Milk / Sweet Stout Beers Currently Serving
Young's Double Choc Wells & Young's Ltd A 5.00 12oz Draught
Eric, More Cowbell! SingleCut Brewery A- 7.00 16oz Draught
Carton of Milk Nitro Carton Brewing A- 4.00 16oz Draught
Young's Double Choc Stout Wells & Young's Ltd A- 5.00 12oz Bottle
Javahead Stout Troegs Brewing Company B+ 8.00 12oz Bottle