American Amber / Red Ale

Primarily a catch all for any beer less than a Dark Ale in color, ranging from amber (duh) to deep red hues. This style of beer tends to focus on the malts, but hop character can range from low to high. Expect a balanced beer, with toasted malt characters and a light fruitiness in most examples. The range can run from a basic ale, to American brewers who brew faux-Oktoberfest style beers that are actually ales instead of lagers.

American Amber / Red Ale Beers Currently Serving
Cedar Wudder Brotherton Brewing Co A- 4.00 16oz Draught
Nesferatu Great Lakes Brewing Co A- 8.00 16oz Draught
Calico Amber Ale Ballast Point Brewing B+ 7.00 12oz Bottle