Fuggly Sweater

Dark Lager with Ginger and Spices
‘Twill be the fuggliest time of the year, so we joyously present our gift to this year’s season… Fuggly Sweater. Fuggly Sweater is a dark lager brewed to inspire the holiday favorite, gingerbread. The wide range of specialty malts create yummy cookie and cake qualities. The presentation is dark, but not opaque, with brown hues. Ginger is at center stage, and as with traditional gingerbread, a light amount of cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon round out the spice profile. The official beer of this year’s Fuggly Sweater Party Season.

Type: Winter Warmer
Beer Advocate Rating: NR
16  Draught oz
6%  abv

Ithaca Beer Co.

Ithaca, NY