Fields of Blueberry

Brewed in collaboration with Great Notion
Fields of Blue was brewed with a blend of British marris otter and pilsner malt as well as a large amount of flaked and malted oats, victory malt and lactose. We added graham crackers and a blueberry puree during fermentation, then conditioned it on dried blueberries to create more layers of flavor, and achieve that strong blueberry taste and color. We dry-hopped with Mosaic and Sabro to further layer and support the blueberries added during fermentation. To help round out the beer, and continue the blueberry pie inspiration, we further conditioned Fields of Blue on Vermont maple syrup, cinnamon and Madagascar vanilla beans

Type: Fruit / Vegetable
Beer Advocate Rating: A
12  Draught oz
8%  abv


Ocean, NJ