Black Tie Raspberry

A Fruity Brut IPA
Black Tie Required is our 6.8% Brut IPA brewed with Belma hops and conditioned on Raspberries and Strawberries. Similar to Black Tie Optional, we used a light base malt of pilsner and rice then fermented it down to 0 degrees plato for a super-dry finish. Towards the end of fermentation we added over 2lbs per gallon of Raspberries and Strawberries to the fermenter, then dry-hopped with more Belma hops. Black Tie Required is big on raspberries and strawberry flavor from the large dose of fruit and accentuated by strawberry, citrus character of the Belma hop, but drinks dry and slightly tart from the low final gravity and acidity of the fruit.

Type: Fruit / Vegetable
Beer Advocate Rating: A
12  Draught oz
7%  abv

Kane Brewing Co

Ocean, NJ