Orchard Wit

An Orange County Witbier
This is how a beer from our backyard in Orange County should taste: refreshing, crisp and original. Orchard Wit is a tart wheat beer, brewed with orange zest and coriander, and aged in an oak foeder for several months. Itís designed to showcase the culture of our farmhouse-style brewery through maturation in oak and fermentation with several yeast strains, namely Bavarian Wit, Belgian Wit and French Saison yeast, and our house souring culture. Itís a combination thatís fresh with subtle complexity, balancing the classic, spiced and fruity characteristics of a Belgian-style wit with the soft - and wild - touch from oak.

Type: Belgian Witbier
Beer Advocate Rating: A+
16  Draught oz
6%  abv

The Bruery

Orange Co, CA