Dune Fruit

Prickly Pear!
While standing on Mount Mitchill, scanning our favorite local beaches, you can find paddles of the indigenous prickly pear cactus underfoot. Once you learn how to peel them (being careful of the less obvious finer thorns), there is a pleasing spring legume sweetness to be found. With Dune Fruit we add the meat of prickly pear paddles to a simply soured wheat beer to draw out their subtle vegetable sweetness and cut their viscidity with some acid. A delicate balance of vegetal and brightness in the form of an unassuming sour. Drink Dune Fruit because itís the top of the summer and itís time to shift that palate back to the sand.

Type: Berliner Weissbier
Beer Advocate Rating: A+
12  Draught oz
4%  abv


ATL Highlands, NJ