Valjean Redux

A simple, yet refined saison
A simple, yet refined, fruit flavor combined with Belgian Candi Sugar and the bubbliness of a glass of champagne that is perfect for the white wine drinker looking to make the transition into the beer world. The farmhouse French Saison was the workingman’s beer for farm laborers in rural France, so we offered our take on the style. We’d like to think Les Miserables protagonist Jean Valjean would have raised a glass of his namesake brew with us after a long day of imprisonment and pulling ships in off the docks. For all the suffering, we think he deserves the highest honor a brewer can give: a fresh beer.

Type: Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Beer Advocate Rating: NR
12  Draught oz
6%  abv

Icarus Brewing

Lakewood, NJ