Rodeo Frowns

Part of the Rodeo Series
As we look ahead to the warmer days of Spring, our “Rodeo” series of Belgian beers continues with “Rodeo Clown”: a 5.1% ABV Dry-Hopped Grisette. If you’re unfamiliar with the style, a Grisette is a Belgian Wheat Saison, light in body and refreshing in flavor. With Rodeo Clown, we generously dry-hopped the beer, which provides for a floral aroma, followed by notes of fresh lemongrass & herbs. Light, refreshingly, and drinkable, Rodeo Frown is the perfect beer to sip (or chug) while longing for warmer spring and summer days ahead…

Type: Saison / Farmhouse Ale
Beer Advocate Rating: NR
12  Draught oz
5%  abv

Newburgh Beer Co.

Newburgh, NY