Imperial Ginger

Super Gingerrry!
Fresh grated ginger & a bit of red pepper flakes add a spicy, somewhat hot flavor note. Ginger adds a nice pungent, floral aroma as a complement to the sweetness of the agave syrup, lime & malt backbone. Lime concentrate adds a mildly acidic & tart note that balances the Agave sweetness. It adds a new dimension of flavor & aroma. Organic Azul Raw Light Agave Nectar was added directly into the kettle at the start of the boil. Agave is comparable, though not identical, to honey. The lighter syrups undergo less heating & a more thorough filtration for a more mildly flavored product.

Type: Herb / Spiced Beer
Beer Advocate Rating: B
12  Draught oz
9%  abv

Southern Tier Brewing Co

Lakewood, NY